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Welcome to our farm! Here on 14+ acres we raise happy and healthy golden retrievers! We love to adventure as a family, everyday you can find us walking trails, playing fetch in the field or getting wet in the creek. Our Golden’s reside in our home with us as well as their own Golden Haven Nursery. Our dogs love the freedom and open space of the farm. They get plenty of loving from our family & occasional visitors along with lots of sunshine outdoors. 


When my husband was 10 years old, he relentlessly begged his parents for a golden retriever puppy. Thankfully, they eventually said yes and delivered on his 10th birthday with an American Golden Retriever, who Jennings decided to name Mia.

Jennings and his girl Mia spent everyday together. She was what he looked forward to seeing everyday while he was at school. Between dirt bike riding, chopping wood, playing sports outside or snuggling on the couch these two did pretty much everything together. I (Hannah) walked in when we were both 15 years old. Growing up, I had just about every kind of animal except for a dog. At first, Mia wasn’t anything special to me but as I stayed around I grew to love her like my own dog. Sometimes when Jennings was gone, I’d pick her up for a park date. She quickly became one of my best friends too. At 19, we got married and of course took our Mia girl with us. She craved adventure and activity and was the sweetest, most gentle, loving girl. When she was 11, we got word that she had another lump of cancer, one that would likely end her life. We were heartbroken. I knew I didn’t want to know what life would look like without owning a golden, so through the pain we started to look for another pup. As we did our research we became more inspired and passionate about the breed of Golden Retrievers and how we could do the best we could to better the bloodline. The personality of a Golden Retriever is a thing close to near perfection. They’re calm, intelligent, loving, docile, friendly and devoted. They make the best family dogs. We wanted to help in the process of raising and creating healthy, happy, quality Golden Retrievers. We’re constantly learning and educating ourselves when it comes to all things Golden Retriever. We’re trying our best so that you can be placed with the best Golden Retriever. 

These days, we have grown a little bit. We have 3 wonderful children and we are in the process of adopting our next baby. Our Golden’s are such a blessing to have around our growing family. They’re like siblings to our kids and we’ve loved watching the way they interact and love on one another. 


2006 - 2017


At this time we do not allow farm visits. We love to host clients on puppy pickup days and hope to incorporate farm visits by way of special events in the near future.

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