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Welcome to Haven

Welcome to our farm!

Here on 14+ acres we raise happy and healthy golden retrievers! We love to adventure as a family, everyday you can find us walking trails, playing fetch in the field or getting wet in the creek. Our Golden’s reside in our home with us as well as their own Golden Haven Nursery. Our dogs love the freedom and open space of the farm. They get plenty of loving from our family & occasional visitors along with lots of sunshine outdoors. 

Current Availability

We currently have several male spots in our summer litters going home in May. Inquire or submit an application if interested.


Before being placed in our breeding program, our dogs undergo health testing for hips, elbows, eyes and heart through OFA and PennHip. You can view their clearances on their individual pages.

Photos + Pedigrees of Parents


We are expecting several litters this Spring & early Summer. We also anticipate having availability this Fall 2024.

Our Puppy Program

Our puppies are dewormed at 2, 4, 6 and 8 weeks of age. They are vet checked, microchipped and receive their first vaccinations around 6 weeks old. Our puppies undergo early neurological stimulation as well as early scent introduction at a young age. Early neurological stimulation is conducted from the 3rd to 16th days, a period of rapid neurological growth and development. This stimulation requires handling the puppies one at a time while performing a series of exercises. This process is done in order to improve the health of the puppies and have a greater tolerance to stress and handling. Early Scent Introuduction or ESI is a procedure done that helps puppies with their nose awareness and confidence which also occurs between days 3-16 of a puppies life. After 3 weeks of age, we use sound training and conditioning in order to prepare our puppies for real world noises such as farm animals, baby cries, barking dogs, fireworks, grooming, kids playing, city traffic, vacuum cleaners, dish washer noises and much more. While growing up at Golden Haven, our puppies are introduced to many different scenes of our farm, children and people interacting with them in positive ways. At around 7 weeks, our trainers come out to perform temperament tests on the puppies in order to make the best possible matches for both puppies and families.

Our Goldens

Our boys & girls



Lady comes from our sweet Bella. She’s got very many similarities to her mama! She loves fetch and is very eager to please. Lady has always been very nurturing and is wonderful with our children. She is very competitive and does have her spurts of energy yet loves to be lazy too. Lady is a big fan of cuddling and doesn’t know what personal space is when it comes to getting cozy on the couch.


Sonny is our gentle giant. We call him our protector for our kids as he always loves to stand by them. Sonny enjoys playing fetch and going on adventures. He's very laid back and loves to cuddle.


Sage lives life to the fullest. She gives the best hugs and enjoys belly rubs. She loves to give kisses too just like her mama does! She’s very eager to please and loves well. She’s a daughter of two of our family dogs, Bailie and Beu and is a wonderful mix of them. Her temperament is very laid back and easy going. 


Piper is our sweet love bug. She enjoys cuddling up and snoozing with us best. Fetch is her game! She loves puppies, children and playing ball. She’s a true retriever. You’ll find her with our children, being so sweet & gentle among them. She is very biddable and loves to please. Piper’s personality is overall very calm and gentle with a fun side too!


Lennon is just a great all around golden. She’s laid back but ready to go when you signal it’s time to have fun. She also has a deep love for fetch and is very competitive. I love her versatility and enthusiasm in everything she does! She’s got her mama’s smile and grins when you greet her.



Georgia is definitely the most laid back. We always say if she was a human she’d be a spy because this girl is sleek and smart. She’s got brains and beauty. Georgia is easy to please and loves to be with her people. She’s a couch dog but also enjoys running around and having fun too! She’s a very confident and beautiful girl.


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